Nick Dowers - Performance with Purpose

Nick Dowers - Performance with Purpose

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In this video Nick will start a 2 year old Gunnatrashya mare in near real time (1hour 40 minutes) beginning with basic halter training thru the first two days of training which includes the first ride. What Nick will demonstrate with his "Colt Starting" training techniques and how he “Gets a Horse with Me”. This is a process of creating a mental understanding with Nick’s leadership towards an extremely beneficial path to the "Reward of Freedom from Pressure".

Pressure will be applied to the horse through the use of the rein, flag, rope, tarps, saddle pad/saddle– touch and movement that is all new to the horse. Nick’s philosophy of 1) “Finding The Try", 2) "Directing The Effort", 3) "Reward” is documented in this video and shows clearly how a horse craves the opportunity to do the right thing with the reward of relief as the incentive. The horse will always have the option to “think it’s way out” and understand that Nick’s idea is the easiest idea as compared to fight or flight.

Many of the training techniques Nick demonstrates in the video not only establish a solid foundation for a young horse to be used in many different disciplines. It also illustrates for the horse owner the way in which horses of all ages think and process experiences whether new or old– making for a better relationship for both the horse and rider. The best Horseman are always referred to as having “great feel”, you will see in this video how Nick is able to anticipate what the horse is thinking before it happens. This provides a window for the viewer to learn the basics of “feel” and what to look for and understand in developing “feel” in training, handling and riding horses.

This video is the first in a series. Since no two horses are the same, future videos will show different methods and techniques that are successful for different types of horses. Enjoy the video– ride safe and listen to your horse.

Set includes Day 1 and Day 2.

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